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Thank you for taking your time to see what Liberty Boerboels is about and what we have to offer families.


We chose to include Boerboels into our family, after having many different breeds as part of our family. While we have enjoyed Rottweilers, Dobermans, Labs, Malamute, Wolf hybrid breeds etc, we chose the Boerboels because they are truly a "family guard dog".  They are extremely intimidating looking, especially while gracefully moving 140-190 lbs directly at whatever or whoever doesn't belong. That said, they are absolutely trustworthy with their families. They do not snap and do not have a mean bone in their body. They are absolutely reliable and trustworthy with little kids.  Our Boerboels have been raised with our kids from day one.  We have had them around our kids since our kids were born.  Our eldest is now 8 and the dogs follow them around watching over them.  We live very rural, in the mountains of eastern Oregon.  We live on 160 acres and ranch/farm.  We have mountain lions, wolves, bears, and coyotes crossing our property.  Our Boerboels are awesome, watchful, and trustworthy as companions and protectors.